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Nerd Herd IT club was launched in Sep 2017. 

CyberSecurity Devils is a Subsidiary of Nerd Herd.

We conduct monthly meetings, guest speaker events, programming certification workshops, coding competitions for solving civic problems and hold social events on the latest trends in the industry.

Please email us with any questions or comments. Become a member of CyberSecurity Devils!  

CyberSecurity Devils has ASU Slack Channel:   #fto-cybersecuritydevils 

Officers 2022:

Rahul Kashyap

Anushree Misra
Vice President of Media

Hannah Nilsson
Vice President of Events

Hosam Hassan
Vice President of Training

Nikhil Rawool
Vice President of Membership

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Tatiana Walsh


Officer Responsibilities


  • Preside over the meetings of the club.
  • Appoint committees subject to the advice and consent of the Club Advisor.
  • Presides over Club and Officer Meetings, creates agenda.
    • To remain impartial during debate – the presiding officer must relinquish the chair in order to debate the merits of a motion and may not chair the meeting again until after a vote has been taken on the motion has been disposed of
    • To vote only to break a tie.
    • To introduce business in proper order per the agenda
    • To determine if a motion is in order, to put motions to a vote and announce results.

Vice President of Events

  • Coordinator of Club Events.
  • Facilitate the Slack – promoting the club events, answer student questions
  • Contribute article to the Newsletter

 Vice President of Media

  • Design media material to be posted on the website and around Poly Bulletin Boards.
  • Editor of the bi-monthly Newsletter that is posted on the website.

Vice President of Membership

  • Keep the minutes of meetings of the club.
  • Keep an accurate record of the club membership of who attends events.
  • Contribute article to the Newsletter

Vice President of Training

  • Preside in the absence of the President and assume the duties of the President should a vacancy occur in that office.
  • Establish training opportunities
  • Contribute article in the Newsletter