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      • March 23 2024    Information Technology  AWS JAM

      • AWS Professional Services sponsored AWS JAM which is an immersive team competition that challenges the skills to build on the AWS Cloud through simulated real-world use-cases.   The challenges are a wide range of real life scenarios from dealing with remediation at scale, forensics, incident response, devops, cybersecurity.

Winners:   Alien Vault,  AWS Avengers,  No Muggles





        • March 24 2023     Information Technology AWS JAM  

          AWS Professional Services sponsored AWS JAM which is an immersive team competition that challenges the skills to build on the AWS Cloud through simulated real-world use-cases.   The challenges are a wide range of real life scenarios from dealing with remediation at scale, automation, forensics, incident response, AI/ML, devops, and security compliance.

          Winners:   Team AWSome,  Survey Corps,  Magnificent Monkeys


        • March 23  2023  Mike Erickson,  Sr Employer Engagement,  AWS Services  
        • March 16  2023    Kelly Lensink,  Director, Partner Initiative, Citibank Retail Services

Topic:  Executive Presence in the Workplace 

In person:    Agribusiness Center  Room 134, ASU Polytechnic Campus 



        • February 24 2023     Women in Leadership Panel 

Women in Science and Engineering at Poly (WISE) is hosting the first Women in Leadership Panel on February 24th from 5-7 pm at Cooley Ballroom. This event will be a panel discussion on topics including leadership, career development, and gender in the workplace. I have attached files with relevant information. Light food will be provided. The event dress code is business casual.



        • November 4  2022    ASU AWS JAM 


Winners:   Online:  Error 404,  bin/bash/bot3,  Part Timer

Onsite:  CMD.exe, Serendipity, Anonymous Bucket

        • November 2 2022    Navya Sane, Technical Account Manager, Amazon Web Services

Advice:  “Work Hard,  Have Fun, Make History !  Challenges are Learning Experiences.  Take the time to build your Personal Brand!”

She leads a team that builds the next generation of services dedicated to bring Quality of Service to AWS, S3 Customers.




        • October 26  2022   Joel Morgan, Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services 

Security is Job Zero is everyone at AWS is responsible for security.   

Fail Fast is a philosophy that values extensive testing and incremental development to determine whether an idea has value. An important goal of the philosophy is to cut losses when testing reveals something isn’t working and quickly try something else, a concept known as pivoting.

Advice:  “Know the foundation of how logic works,  Know the Problem Statement,  Get your AWS Certification” 


        • October 19 2022   Akila Ramakrishnan, Software Development Engineer Manager, Amazon Web Services


Advice:  “Always Learn,  Be Curious,  Take Ownership of your actions,  Make sure your work is maintainable.”

She leads a team that builds the next generation of services dedicated to bring Quality of Service to AWS, S3 Customers.



        • March 25 – 27  2022  Virtual Hack-a-thon

This is a great opportunity to network and meet professionals in the field, make connections with like-minded people!

Challenges and workshops are hosted by JT4, ISCA, and we are working with our fellow ASU organization 



        • Artificial Intelligence Training, Rahul Kashyap, Friday at 3:00 pm

   Build real skills with real tools



        •   March 2 2022   T.K. Coleman, Director of Entrepreneurial Education at FEE


” Do not show what you know,  SHOW your capabilities.   Tell your story that demonstrates you create value.”



        •   January & February 2022:  Blue Team Training, David Lee,  Friday via Discord  @ 4:00 pm

   Build real skills with real tools

  Connect with likeminded cybersecurity enthusiasts!

        •  November 3 2021 , Emily Brockman, Information Security Analyst at Crane Payment Innovations


Honors Thesis: Federal Policy Proposal for the Protection of US Citizens’ Data




        • October 20 2021  Bobby Tafesse,  Manager, Solution Analysis & Design at UnitedHealth Group 


“Recognize the value you bring to the workforce. Be Confident of your Abilities!”



        • October 6 2021  Mike Felch, Sr Manager of Threat Research at CrowdStrike 


“Good Hacker knows how it was built” 



        • September 22 2021 David Kwan, Director Information Technology, Oracle

“Love to Solve Problems!  Read the Phoenix Book to obtain Operation Awareness”




        • September 8 2021 Nick Elle, Cybersecurity Incident Response Analyst, Honeywell

“You need to start working on building your own development environment while you are taking your classes.  It will give you something to talk about in an interview”



        • April 21 2021 Christopher Jordan, ServiceNow Manager @ ASU UTO


Experienced IT professional and certified ServiceNow Developer with a demonstrated history of managing highly effective teams and implementing IT solutions. Proficient in ServiceNow development, application design, reporting and analysis, IT support, and customer service.

“To tell the story of what is there, you really need to understand the data!”


        • April 14 2021   Ric Ginsberg, IT Executive @ Oracle

Senior executive in Oracle’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Production Engineering Organization. Responsible for a number of areas in the SaaS Production Engineering space, including Program Management, Site Reliability Engineering, Observability, Tools Engineering, and Edge Cloud Services.  

“You can not outsource Security – Opportunity in Security, Network, & Data Analytics”


        • April 7 2021   Shivani Narang, Recruiter & Program Manager @ Elevate

“What is Your Interview Style?  You should walk into every interview with the goal of receiving a job offer. While interviewing is not always easy, whether it is in person or virtual interview, there are a few things you can do to universally increase your chances of getting a callback, and ultimately, scoring an offer.

” At the end of the day… You are the driver of your SUCCESS!”


        • March 31 2021  Vidya Srinivasan, Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft

Responsible for the growth strategy of Microsoft Teams for small and medium businesses. Profiled by Microsoft for pursuing a multidimensional career in tech. She has since been featured by Forbes, Channel 9, Crosscut,, Wargamer, and Microsoft Research .   

“Take First Step. Build Your Confidence. Invest early in Building Relationships. Be Multidimensional. Giving back is a Privilege!”



        • March 24 2021  Shaun Usman, Assistant Director of Information Technology @ Arizona State University

Manager of Systems and Clients Orchestration at Engineering Technical Services, which is the IT Support branch for Engineering.  Systems Orchestration manages Active Directory for Engineering, with maintaining Windows Servers in a virtualized (VMWare) environment, manage SCCM to manage Windows systems and JAMF to manage Mac/iOS devices.  Clients Orchestration manages labs and classrooms totaling over 250 applications.   

Willing to learn and show you are already exploring the world of Information Technology


        • March 17 2021  Alvin Nelson, Sr. IT Security Analyst 

Maintains corporate security policies and audits risks. 25 plus years in IT Security and Network Administration. Certified Cloud Risk Management Professional (CCRMP). Retired US Air Force veteran with over 20 + years. Trains company personnel in cybersecurity. Member of FedRAMP certification team at current employer

Be more proactive instead of just reactive – don’t get caught unprepared


        • March 3 2021 Dr. Calvin Nobles,  How Human Factors Can Impact Cybersecurity  link

A recognized practitioner in human factors engineering and cybersecurity operations with 25 years of increasing responsibilities in leading security operations, advising senior executives on cyber policies, and driving enterprise-level solutions. An innovative and strategic leader with a record of delivering cyber solutions that impact national efforts; noted for driving change to achieve cybersecurity objectives.   Recommend Reading:  (1)   You Can Stop Stupid: Stopping Losses from Accidental and Malicious Actions, Authors:  Winkler, I., & Brown, T.     (2)  A Human Error Approach to Aviation Accident Analysis: The Human Factors Analysis and Classification System, Authors: Wiegmann & Shappell

        • February 24, Rachel Slater, Sofware Engineer @ Microsoft 

Built the Cluster-Create extension for deploying hyper-converged infrastructure, a multi-stage workflow that installs features & updates on servers, configures networking and storage, and generates a cluster, using PowerShell scripts and AngularJS.  

Fundamentally understand the basic principles


        • February 24 2021  Ryan Cornateanu, Security Researcher @ CrowdStrike

Security Researcher in computer applications & embedded systems tested & developed many companies’ projects, releasing one the biggest internal tools that encompassed API/OS stress, sanity, load, & security testing.

November 23, 2020 Article on Genetic Analysis of CryptoWall Ransomware  

Code with Security in Mind

        • February 17 2021, Dr. Raschid Muller,  Defense Information Systems Agency

Specializing in aspects of Security Program Management (NIST, FISMA, Cloud Security, Awareness Training, Policy Development & Implementation, Certification & Accreditation, Incident Response, Telecommunications, Privacy Records Retention and Management, Physical and Personnel Security, COOP, Disaster Recovery and Preparedness), possesses a keen and ever‐growing knowledge of IT resilience, homeland security, biometrics, policy & planning, international data sharing, threat analysis, and risk‐based decision making. 



        • February 10, Lou Arnold, Cloud Security Engineer 

Specialized in cloud digital forensics and malware reverse engineering.  Found of E26 Labs to conduct critical research in the cyber domain to secure IT infrastructures nation-wide. Veteran with eight years of service and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014 during Operation Enduring Freedom. Co-established a cybersecurity program for a multi-million-dollar organization and was recently featured in the Birmingham Business Journal as a recipient of the Veterans of Influence award.     Malware Analysis sources located under Resources     


        • February 3 2021  Tom Castellano, Senior Federal Security ManagerDigital Security Engineering Cloud Security Engineer @ Microsoft

Castellano manages federal cybersecurity programs and initiatives at Microsoft. His experience in InfoSec, cloud security, data security, IAM, and compliance spans 20+ years in both the private and public sectors. Former cybersecurity director at ASU and has previously taught as an adjunct professor at Creighton University. Member of the CompTIA SME Technical Advisory Committee (CSTAC) for Cloud+ and Cloud Essentials and advises on curriculum development.         



        • November 18 2020   RASPBERRY PI COMPETITION
        • October 21, 2pm – 3:30pm Video Conference.  GUEST SPEAKER:  Honeywell Global Incident Response Team Manager

          • September Series: Systems Engineering Branding, September 2nd, 9th, 16th , 23rd, 2pm Video Conference. GUEST SPEAKERS from Elevate Program, Brooksource – Beyond the Expected.
             Winners of the Systems Engineering Branding Buzz Word Competition: Dylan Ferguson, Stephanie Montes and Tho Tran    




          • January 22 2020   Noon – 1pm  SAN TAN 215.  Meet-and-Greet, Security Bingo to win Prizes!
          • February 5  2020   Noon – 1pm  PRLTA 207.      Raspberry Pi Adventure Presentation
          • February 19 202011:30 – 1pm  Cooley Ballroom C.  GUEST SPEAKER:  Microsoft AZURE  Technology Strategist
          • March 4 2020        Noon – 1pm  Cooley Ballroom A.  GUEST SPEAKER:  ASU Senior Director Info Sec Arch & Design
          • November 4 2019  10am – 2pm Cooley Ballroom C. Cybersecurity Conference. GUEST SPEAKER: Security Analyst from Financial Institution GUEST SPEAKER: SME on Data Protection & Exploration.