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The CyberSecurity Devils Club is a subsidiary of the NerdHerd Club.  It was formed in October 2019, by the enthusiasm of students who wanted to increase their cybersecurity awareness.  The vision is to Inspire, Encourage, Motivate, and Support our future Information Technology professionals. The focus is to enhance the educational and professional development of our students through activities, networking, and collaboration.   In one year, we double our membership and Dr. Tatiana Walsh received the 2020 Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award and finalist in 2021 and 2022.    In 2021, we were a Pitchfork Award finalist for Outstanding Undergraduate Student Organization.   

Presently, we have over 500 members and growing!       Talk to your Club members:     SLACK:   #fto-cybersecuritydevils

The CyberSecurity Devils Club inspires career awareness and encourages creative thinking to increase the number of graduates in the field. Guest Speakers share their insights which bring relevance to what the students are learning today.  Students can build their resumes by becoming a member!  Club actively informs members of internships, scholarships, mentoring opportunities, and job posts.  The club is dedicated to expanding its membership’s professional network and industry connections.  This commitment positions student members for greater success in the Information Technology sector. 

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  • Graduate who credit club for making a difference:  

Tho Tran

Kelly Mitchell

Michaela Pawlowski


 Excellent Speakers!

 Makes a Difference!

 Activities are a BLAST!

 Stand out to Recruiters!

VISION is to Inspire, Encourage, Motivate, and Support our future Information Technology professionals
MISSION is to provide security awareness, networking opportunities, fun IT events, seminars, and philanthropy for our Polytechnic students.