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ASU AWS JAM  November 4, 2022

AWS JAM is a game event where students experience a wide range of AWS services in a series of prepared security scenarios that represent common use-cases and operational tasks, such as dealing with remediation at scale, automation, forensics, incident response, AI/ML, devops, compliance and many others.

Student worked together in teams to score points by completing a series of challenges.  Clues and guidance help your participants get through the challenges.   AWS experts are at hand to act as coaches. The challenges have varying degrees of difficulty and points associated with them. A live leaderboard provides updates on stats and progress.

 “Student had a FUN time to test their technical skills and work as a team.   I would like to thank AWS to being a wonderful partner in supporting our students!” ~ Dr. Walsh 

Online Team Winners    

1st Error 404

2nd   bin/bash/boto3

3rd   Part Timer

Onsite Team Winners 

1st CMD.exe

2nd Serendipity

3rd Anonymous Bucket